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First try with contact form
Oct 19, 2020
Oct 19, 2020


My first try at using Gutenberg Form was not a resounding success, lol. I simply wanted to insert a contact form. I went to the form selector and chose contact form. There was a simple one I liked, asking for first name, last name, phone number, email address, and message. Practically ideal for what I need. I got an error message saying that "this book contains unexpected or invalid content. There is a button that says "attempt block recovery" which did nothing when clicked, and the 3 dots invited me to convert to html or convert to classic block. Neither seemed to make a change. I am not skilled at coding, so I was hoping for an easy time of it.

My immediate solution was to insert the "standard form" which had just "name" and "Email address" along with a message box. I duplicated the email line, and then replaced the word email with the word telephone. It will do for now, but I thought you would like to know an issue that a beginning user ran into, as that might be a negative for other users. Having read your profile on, and seen your response to the review last June, I thought it would be a kindness to let you know of my experience.

I am about to finish graduate school for counseling (at age 66), and am trying to build a website that will let people find me for coaching, hypnotherapy and other services I can offer without yet having my license.

Thank you for what you are trying to do. I like that the profile says you are passionate about wordpress and the opportunity it affords. If you do go to my website to see what I am doing, don't laugh too hard. I am at the beginning of developing it. I have many ideas for what I think clients will appreciate, so I do want to be able to use the form builder. I can see getting my intake forms on there, some simple assessments, and even detailed histories, once I work out any security issues involved. I have to do this myself because any developer is obviously going to want a fortune that i don't presently have to do this work.


#Contact Form

Oct 19, 2020
Thank you for your feedback, i do realize that many of those Form Templates are broken. The reason is because of the ever changing Gutenberg API. I will update the templates really soon. The plugin, however is all updated and is working great. You can follow along the documentation for the basic understanding of how it works. I am sure you will find it easy to use. Please feel free to add any other ideas or feature requests you may have. Cheers
Jan 10, 2021
@munirkamal Thanks for the update. I ran into the same issue in Jan 20. I appreciate your work on this plugin, I know that you're making my life easier for free. I'd happily pay an one time fee for a finished version, (say, $29 one time, probably not $49)
Oct 19, 2020
Hi Lee,
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