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9 months ago

Improved Multi-Step Form Creation (v1.6.0)

We made it super easier to create a Muti-Step form in WordPress Gutenberg editor using Gutenberg Forms plugin.

Watch Quick Video Teaser:

Try it now it's available in the latest version 1.6

9 months ago

Server side preview for saved forms (v1.5.0)

Now you will be able to preview the saved form you insert in the Gutenberg editor from any page/post. No more shortcode.

You can insert your forms via the Insert form button simply.

And you can further change the form with another saved form via the sidebar settings. There is also an edit link in the sidebar that gets you to the edit screen of this saved form. 

9 months ago

Dynamically populate field values (v1.5.0)

Now you can fill the form field using URL parameters easily. You don't have to adjust any setting for this. Simply pass your field_id with the value in the URL where you have the form placed, and the desired field will be populated with that value.

You can pass the values to the URL like this. HERE

And to add additional field values simply keep adding them with an & character. HERE&FIELD2_ID=VALUE&FIELD3_ID=VALUE

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